CDM: MIDI Meets Mobile Linux Gaming: GP2X Portable Does MIDI Out

I saw this at CDM today.


This is Little GP Tracker [LGPT] running on a Gamepark Holdings Gp2x handheld, outputting midi using a custom serial to midi interface designed & coded by FirestARTer, board & assembly by IDMCLASSICS.NET.

In this clip, LGPT is driving a Clavia Nord Micromodular [3 seperate mono patterns into a polyphonic patch] and has an Alesis HR-16 drum machine slaved via Midi Sync.”

Support Palm Sounds on Palmgear

I’ve mentioned a few times about Sound Toys applications being on Palmgear. Well, if anyone wanted to write a little review on any of them, that would be great.

They’re all here on Palmgear, and while I think of it, there are more on the way. Hopefully before the end of the year too.

Screens: another update

Quite a lot from screens this month. I’m still hoping to hear something that I understand, and also that I can get to grips with tfor making music. One day maybe.

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