Xeep and D-Pod on Palmgear


and … Xeep

Are now available on Palmgear.

Music Thing on Tenori-on

This is a great post about the Tenori-on from Music Thing well worth a read.

Discovering Bhajis Live Mode

Sometimes it is really easy to ignore or underuse applications. I’ve always been a “never use the manual person” myself, But I’ve decided to try and get a better handle on what apps are actually capable of, and for starters I’ve been playing around with Bhajis in Live mode.

Live mode is a lot of fun even if you don’t have a great deal of use for it at present. I can see it being really useful if you were performing with a PDA (please let me know if you have).

So far I’ve just been messing around with it to jump from one pattern section to another and then tweak controllers. I haven’t got my head around the Warps feature as yet.

Anyway, I’m hoping to find lots of interesting stuff in applications that I didn’t know was there before. If you have any favourite application features please let me know too.

Gear bags? How portable are you?

How do you carry your PDA?

– Pocket?
– Bag?
– Backpack with loads of other stuff?
– Something else?

I’ve been using a rucksack / backpack for ages now, but I’ve had replace it due to wear and tear. I’m replacing it with another backpack type bag, but I’d like to hear from anyone who uses any other, less conventional methods for carrying your gear.

Sound Toys: Xeep and D-Pod

Xeep and D-Pod sound toys are now available on the Palm Sounds site, and hopefully soon on PalmGear.

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