miniMIXA returning?

Looking on the new Intermorphic site I noticed that they talk about the new owner of miniMIXA, who have this site which doesn’t tell you much, but maybe, we might just see miniMIXA return. I do hope so.

Mobile Application Directory update: DS Section

The Mobile Application Directory has been updated with a new section on Nintendo DS software. If there’s any apps I’ve missed please let me know.

A hint at native iPhone apps?

Well, maybe. This iLounge story on Apple’s Human Interface guidelines can be interpreted in a number of ways.

Of particular interest to some may be a note from the HIG which leaves room for possible future native third-party iPhone applications. It states, “Currently, developers create web applications for iPhone, not native applications. Therefore, this document focuses solely on the presentation of web applications and other web content on iPhone.”

Maybe a light at the end of the tunnel after all?

Headphones, Earbuds and hearing loss.

Which do you go for? For me I use Sennheiser PX 100’s and have done for a while. They are possibly the best set of headphones I’ve ever used, and it turns out I’m not the only one who think that as this review shows.

But recently I’ve heard a lot about how using earbuds and phones can damage your hearing, like this BBC article. It does bother me. So what’s the best way to protect your hearing whilst being able to use phones or earbuds when you need to? I don’t know. In the article from the BBC they suggest that if someone can hear your headphones from a metre away then they are too loud, but when I tried that the volume had to be really quiet.

So what’s the answer? Any thoughts?

Thoughts on homebrew apps

I’ve been thinking about homebrew apps, not only for the DS, but also as a result of the way Apple have treated users over iPhone 3rd party apps and now over the iPod Touch.

I think any mobile or handheld platform needs to give users the ability to do what they want with the device. Sure an iPod is a music player, but a smartphone is a platform, a platform for users to do what they need and want to do, and restricting that doesn’t make sense.

I don’t buy the whole story about not wanting to compromise the network. If that was the case then why doesn’t a Treo pack up all the time? Sure they have their ups and downs and crashes but it is no big deal.

Is it that there’s a problem with the OS? Well, maybe. Perhaps the compact OSX under the iPhone and iPod Touch is not quite as robust as we’ve been told? Could be.

I think that homebrew is an essential component for any platform, and a manufacturer that tries to ignore it or even dismiss it is fooling themselves. If the user community is to make a platform their own and give it real support, then their must be real 3rd party development.

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