How far will mobile music go?

I sometimes wonder if mobile music making software and hardware will be eventually consigned to the “interesting but nothing more” category. As laptops get smaller and more powerful and easier to move around with will there still be a need for devices that are even smaller.

The UMPC never really seemed to make it, but if Apple brings a sub-notebook to the market will that device, and others like it really take the lead in mobile music making? If, as widely rumoured, Apple do return to the PDA market, will that breathe some new life in?

And while we’re on the subject of the old Newton …

I found this and thought I really must post it even though it is a bit off topic. It is amazing to see a multi-tasking handheld OS.

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New Apple PDA? Newton reborn as the iPad?

Welcome to the iPad. Ok, I just made that up, but it does sound cool doesn’t it?

Lots of Apple sites (such as AppleInsider) have picked up on this today, but who really knows how accurate it is?

Personally I think it would be great if they would breathe new life into the Newton. A PDA running OSX would be brilliant but only on one condition.

It must be open to third party applications!.

Without that it will be useless. If they can make that work it will be amazing and could really open up mobile music making to a whole new level.

I guess we’ll need to wait and see. Maybe something will come up at MacWorld?

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TX Headset adapter

Here’s a good looking module for the TX. It allows PDA’s multi-function Multi Connector port to connect a 2.5mm stereo headset as seen on the Treo line and many other smart and feature phones that conform to the same pin spec as Palm uses for their Treos.
In addition to stereo audio output, it supports audio input on several Palm devices that do not have onboard microphones; namely the Tungsten T5 and Palm TX.

Now if only there was a multi-track for the Palm platform….

iPhone audio input

Here’s an update from Brian Whitman’s site on his work on audio on the iPhone.

QOTD: Is your mobile music different?

Is the music you write on the go different from the music you write with regular tools on the desktop / laptop? If it is, why? I often wonder if it is the ability to be mobile that can change the nature of what you write. Maybe I’m wrong?

I wonder how the environment you’re in changes what you’re doing, or the fact that you’re on the move for that matter. I remember one of the responses to the questionnaire I sent out back at the beginning of the year wanted an application that gave you the ability to make music in response or reaction to your surroundings. I like that idea.

I wondered whether it would be like making a track and then using an X-Y pad to adapt it as you went along. Something like that anyway.

Does this make any sense anyway or am I just rambling on?

MeTeoR updated to v 1.03

According to PocketGear Classic MeTeoR has been updated to version 1.03. I’m not sure what’s in the upgrade, bug fixes I expect. Still, my version says 1.0 so there must be something in the new version!

You really should read this…

This is a great article on CDM, and is worth reading and thinking about.

DS Pretends to be an iPod

Continuing on the DS theme from yesterday, here’s a DS that thinks it is an iPod.

DS Protein Scratch app update

Here’s the latest on the DScratch module, and it looks excellent!

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