Walkman mellotron on MusicThing

I sort of class this as handheld due to the use of walkman’s, tenuous I guess. Still, check it out at MusicThing.

Pophorns are go ….

It looks like the Pophorn software has launched. It seems to run on Java as the download is a .jar file. If you get a chance to have a look I’d appreciate any comments.

Jam Sessions Review at DS Fanboy

On the subject of Jam Sessions you should really give this review from DS Fanboy a once over. It compares Jam Sessions with Tenori-on and goes into a lot of detail about what you can do with the game / software.

Having read this I’m starting to think I’d like to get this for myself. I’m especially interested in the effects and chains it has to offer.

Mobile Music is mainstream?

I was in London last night and I saw this in the window of the Virgin Megastore on Piccadilly Circus. Who says mobile music isn’t mainstream then?

October at Palm Sounds

Well, September is nearly over so I thought I’d put write about some things that I’d like to get out in October (time permitting).

I’m planning another podcast and I have a few ideas for subject matter.

Basics Series
Hopefully the series will get at least one more entry in October.

Sound Toys
I have two more Sound Toys for October. I’m sorry it has taken so long to release these. As before they are completely free. I’m also hoping to get another one or two ideas under way during the month.

As usual I’ll be posting on any news items as them come up.

What I’d like to see next
As always I’m hopeful on updates to software an hardware. I’d love to see:
– More from miniMusic
– Updates from 4Pockets
– Brian Whitman’s iPhone audio experiments
– Updates from the DScratch application
– Pacemaker moving forward
– Intermorphic bringing their apps to the mobile platform
– Another Milkytracker update?

I’m hoping to have some more time to experiment with putting PDAs together and use combinations of software and hardware to do some different things. If possible I’ll video my experiments too.

Palm Sounds on MySpace
I will update the MySpace page with some new content.

Other stuff
– I’d like to collect a bunch of resources for writing Bhajis plug-ins so that anyone with even a passing interest will have somewhere to find all the appropriate materials.
Anything I’ve missed? Let me know if there is.

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