Mobile Music Rigs

I love to look at cool pictures of mobile music rigs, here a couple of my favourites.

I’d really like to see more stuff like this, but finding it isn’t always straightforward. If you have any favourites please send in links, I’d appreciate it.

Modified Casio VL-1 on eBay goes for £31.65

Screens again

Another update from Screens Environment. A bit more info on how it will work with Palm OS.


A number of people have asked if the Centro will run Bhajis Loops. The short answer is probably yes, but I don’t know the full specs of the Centro so I can’t say yes for sure.

As soon as I have more information I’ll post on it again. In the meantime enjoy the video and try this first looks post from Brighthand.

Group or Forum thing?

There’s been more than one comment / request for a palm sounds forum or group for sharing files and tips etc. I am going to set one up, almost certainly on .Mac groups because it is very straightforward. If you’re interested in this, please let me know by emailing palm dot sounds at mac dot com.

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