Pacemaker update

See the feedback from beta testing on the Pacemaker device.

Screens update (a bit anyway)

I’ve been watching this blog for ages (years probably), and every time I think there’s a possibility of it really going somewhere. It goes for days and weeks with no news, and then the occasional post. This time, no news really is basically no news.


Palm, Inc. and Sprint have officially unveiled the latest Palm OS smartphone, which will be available next month.

The Palm Centro will include a full keyboard and 320 by 320 pixel touchscreen. It will include a client capable of chatting with users of AOL and Yahoo. This smartphone will include a microSD slot with SDHC support for storing music ad video files. The Centro will include Bluetooth, but not Wi-Fi. It will also have a1.3 MP camera with support for audio and video. No mention of memory as yet though.

Nice looking, but it doesn’t do much for me I’m afraid.

How far will mobile music go?

I sometimes wonder if mobile music making software and hardware will be eventually consigned to the “interesting but nothing more” category. As laptops get smaller and more powerful and easier to move around with will there still be a need for devices that are even smaller.

The UMPC never really seemed to make it, but if Apple brings a sub-notebook to the market will that device, and others like it really take the lead in mobile music making? If, as widely rumoured, Apple do return to the PDA market, will that breathe some new life in?

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