MeTeoR updated to v 1.03

According to PocketGear Classic MeTeoR has been updated to version 1.03. I’m not sure what’s in the upgrade, bug fixes I expect. Still, my version says 1.0 so there must be something in the new version!

You really should read this…

This is a great article on CDM, and is worth reading and thinking about.

Palmgear sale, 20% off

Palmgear has a 20% off sitewide sale until the 3rd of October.

Styletap update

Styletap has been updated to v 1.1.006 with various bug fixes and support updates.

Mac OS on the PSP

Continuing my obsession with emulation, this appears to be Mac OS9 running on a PSP.

DS running Mac OS 7.5

Continuing on the theme of the DS …

QOTD: Use the same device to listen and create?

I used to be really driven to finding the one device that would do it all for me, but recerntly (i.e. in the last year) I’ve relaxed a lot. Now I’m content to have a handful of devices that do a variety of jobs for me.

I used to try and use a PDA as an MP3 player, but since I moved to an iPod I’ve become quite happy to have that function as a player and let other devices do their own thing.

Do you listen and create music on the same device, or do you separate them out, and why? Is it important at all?

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