Spark Studio

This is a great video of a bedroom studio, featuring a couple of Zoom recorders, and a Pocket PC running Pheonix Studio!

Sorry I couldn’t embed it.

Another TuneStudio video

This video is a bit more hands on and shows some the hardware for real.

So, for goodness sake Belkin, get on with it!

TRAXXPAD: Sample Line OUT to Line IN , WITHOUT microphone

Good traxxpad video showing how to get samples in via line in.

Emulating the Amiga on PPC

One platform I haven’t really looked into much is the Amiga platform. There’s a very good (or so I hear) emulator for Amiga available here. Although I’ve not got around to trying it out as yet.

I never used the Amiga when it was around although I had a friend who was into using trackers on the Amiga and I had a play once and found it interesting enough.

I had a quick search and found that there’s a fair bit of software available for the Amiga platform around, most of which is available for free. However, I don’t know too much about the software available or how useful it will be.

So, is it worth it? I don’t know. My emulation experiments so far haven’t proved terribly useful at all. So, will this be any different?

I’m not sure, at present I’m in two minds about the whole emulation thing. In one way I’d like to be able to make it work for real, and yet in another way I think that it really isn’t got to go anywhere long term so I should give it up now.

What would be nice is to find a really useful application for one of the platforms I can emulate, that works well in an emulator, and then get it up and running. Sadly I haven’t found that app as yet. If I do I’ll let you know.

OT: iziEditor (iziBasic on a Mac)

My Sound Toys applications have all been written in iziBasic (so far), which is a great little app for getting ideas out quickly, and doesn’t need you to be too technical (which is great for me).

As a mac user, it is often difficult to find useful Palm related tools, especially in kind of specialist areas. However, one such exception is iziEditor which is a really handy desktop editor for iziBasic. It doesn’t compile, that still needs to be done on the Palm itself, but it is still really handy to have around.

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