Magic Piano – The Virtual Performer 1.2

I’ve never played with this, but I think I’m going to give it a go soon.

Here’s what the PalmGear site says:

“Magic Piano is a true Virtual Piano for your device, featuring high quality sounds from Steinway, smooth keys movement and smart classical notation integration. Either you are a beginner or an expert in music, you will surely be impressed by the possibilities of this piano.

The Magic Piano will play for you classical music, movie themes, evergreens and pop hits, thanks to its large database of the most famous melodies and themes. Just select any tune to enjoy immediately its realistic sound. In future you can enlarge your collection with Add-ons, which are going to be available soon. The piano will keep a separate collection of your own compositions, and can perform them later.”

I’m interested in what the “Add-ons” are, and when they’ll be available. Worth watching I think.

New iPods can’t load Linux

I found this post at the Guardian. It looks like the new range of iPods can’t run Linux and therefore can’t run pdPod. Shame. The article’s worth a read.

iPhone from O2 in the UK

So O2 have the iPhone contract for the UK. Available in November at £269. I’m still not sure it is for me as yet. So much potential, so unused. Shame really.

Jam Session in use live

You may not like the song, but this is quite an impress use of Jam Sessions live.

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