The QY100 came out in 2001 and even today they go for a very reasonable price on eBay, easily fetching up to £200 or more. At some point I’d love to get myself one of these as even after 6 years they have an impressive array of features.

– Sequencer capacity: 20 Songs to a maximum of around 32,000 notes.
– Note resolution: 480 pulses per quarter note.
– Polyphony: 32 notes.
– Record modes: Real-time replace, real-time overdub, step-time record.
– Song construction: One Pattern track, one chord track, one tempo track, 16 sequencer tracks.
– Pattern construction: up to eight Phrases per Pattern.
– Patterns: 768 preset Patterns (128 preset Styles in each of six sections) 384 user Patterns (64 user Styles in each of six sections).
– Sections: Intro, Main A, Main B, Fill AB, Fill BA, Ending.
– Phrases: 4285 preset Phrases plus 48 user Phrases per user Style.
– Chord types: 26 types.
– Chord templates: 99 preset chord templates, plus one user chord progression per Song.
– Preset voices: 547 normal voices, 22 drum voices.Multitimbral capability: 24 parts.
– Effects types: reverb (11 types); chorus (11 types, variation (43 types).
– Amp simulator setups: 23 setups (18 guitar setups and five microphone setups).
– Effects blocks: preamp block (for guitar) or delay block (for microphone), plus chorus block and reverb block.
– Micro keyboard: 25 keys (two octaves).
– Connections: MIDI In/Out, To Host computer connection, stereo out, mono in, footswitch.

I wonder what would have happened if Yamaha had kept on with these devices, and what we’d be looking at as a 2007 release?

I bet a 2007 model would be a multi-track recorder with upgradeable software on an open platform and would include wifi and bluetooth for collaboration and interaction! Who knows.



  1. They still make them. Just bought one and love it. I can hook it up with my Alesis QS6, Alesis DM5, and Tascam DP-02CF multitrack which it syncs with quite nicely.


  2. it's 2010..and I'm still in love with QY100..Don't know the rave about QY70 is all about…to me the QY100 is FAR more SUPERIOR…

    I really want to see & hear more of it in action on Youtube y'know…


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