PocketAxe Guitar comment

Drew commented on this app saying that it looked fun. Well, it was, but after a while I got a bit bored with it. I guess because it doesn’t really give you anything more than the strumming you see in the video. Maybe it would be useful to use live? I don’t know. It just didn’t grab me really.

Pocket Oscillator

I was aimlessly browsing around classic PocketGear (which is the old version of PocketGear), when I found this application and realised I’d never seen it before.

Here’s the description from PocketGear:

Pocket Oscillator is an audio signal processing tool for the Pocket PC 2002. A wide variety of audio signals can be generated and manipulated. An intuitive visual programming interface allows you to connect together any combination of the following modules:

Oscillator: generates sine, square or triangle waveform signals with a continuously variable frequency of a few Hz to approximately 11kHz
Microphone: feeds signals from the Pocket PC microphone to other audio modules
Noise Generator: generates White Noise with a flat frequency spectrum
Adder: adds two audio signals together
Multiplier: multiplies two audio signals together
Volume Control: adjusts the amplitude of an audio signal
Speaker: connected directly to the Pocket PC’s internal speaker (or to headphones if connected). The Speaker Module is always present.

Modules are first selected from a palette in the toolbar, and then positioned on the Pocket Oscillator canvas. Once positioned, the input and output connectors for the module can be dragged and dropped to other modules on the canvas, so connecting them.

As each Module is selected, a control panel appears which allows any variable parameters (e.g. frequency for the Oscillator Module) to be set. Also shown on some control panels (e.g. the Speaker) is the audio waveform present at the Module. Online help is available for each Module.

Modules on the canvas can be deleted (as can connections) by first selecting the Module with the stylus, and then clicking the Delete icon. In this version of Pocket Oscillator, a maximum of 20 Modules may be present on the canvas at any time.”

It sounds really interesting. I shall have a play with it to see if it is going to be fun.

iPod Touch native apps

I found this on macrumors

“As has been known, Joswiak confirms that the iPod Touch and iPhone use the same software platform — “they’re both running OS X on basically the same hardware”.

The iPod Touch does not have Bluetooth (despite images floating around the internet) and there are no games coming for the iPod Touch for now.

Of interest, Joswiak comments on 3rd party application development:
Apple takes a neutral stance – they’re not going to stop anyone from writing apps, and they’re not going to maliciously design software updates to break the native apps, but they’re not going to care if their software updates accidentally break the native apps either.”

So maybe we’ll see something interesting soon, or indeed maybe even Apple are developing their own? Who knows, the plot thickens…

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