Performance Pack

A friend told me about backpack’s that have speakers built into them, so I had to look them up and see for myself. I found that there are a few packs that sport built in speakers, all fairly pricey, but interesting.

I wonder if you could use one of these for busking with? If you could hook up a PDA with this and just play wherever …

Anyway, you can check them out at iPodWorld.

iPod Touch as a PDA …

iPod Hacks is the second site to claim the iPod Touch as Apple’s return to the PDA market. So will this really mean that Apple will open the platform for developers?

Here’s the closing comment from iPod Hacks. The article is well worth a read.

“Without saying so, Apple has just launched what will likely be the most successful PDA platform to come to market in a long while. This is a dream-come-true for long-time Newton fanatics and a move that will take Apple and the iPod to a whole new level.”

I’d love to see it get opened up as a platform. I think there could be some really innovative uses for the multi-touch display.

iPod Touch a good candidate for audio apps?

Well, it seems that the OSX running iPod Touch could be a good candidate according to this post on the Bhajis Loops forum.

“It seems that the new nanos and the new classic still run the old software stack.

However, the new iPod Touch (= iPhone without the phone feature and the camera) runs the same software stack as the iPhone. I assume that in a week, some hacks will be found to run third party apps on it.

Once I’ll be able to afford one, I’ll buy one and see how easy it is to develop audio apps on it. I am not familiar with the iPhone UI toolkit, but it really sounds like a strong candidate platform to develop audio apps.”

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