Jam Sessions Performance Bundle revealed at the DS Fanboy site. Read on …

“What’s the perfect accessory for a pocket-sized guitar? A teeny-tiny amp, of course! Ubisoft is bundling their remarkable Jam Sessions software with a First Act mini-amplifier in a special “Performance Bundle.” Even though the standalone game is coming out on the 11th of this month, you’ll have to wait until November 1st for this package.

We hope this bundle signals the start of a big Christmas rush in terms of promotion by Ubisoft. Jam Sessions could easily become one of the more popular toys this holiday season, with the right advertising. It could also become one of the more annoying toys this holiday season, with the right amplifier volume settings.”

I’m not sure if the dates are UK or USA or somewhere else, because I think that the UK dates are the end of September. Anyway, sounds good to me, although, as DS fanboy points out, it could get very annoying indeed.

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