How interfaces effect your music

I was listening to “From Trash” by John Foxx today. It’s a cracking electro-pop album. It made me think about making some really chunky elecro-pop tracks, and that made me think about using AudioBox Micro Composer to make some tracks, because AudioBox works well with that style of music.

I think it is interesting that different interfaces lend themselves to different musical styles more than others. In some ways I think that Microbe is similar in that it lends itself to writing that kind of synthy pop.

I can’t immediately think of other apps that I use and particular styles that I associate with them, but I wonder if it is a negative thought that I associate applications and styles in this way? Perhaps it is something I need to try and break out of by writing music in those applications that goes contrary to my preconceptions.

Response to comment on Basics: Devices

Thanks to (DrBunsen) for this comment / question on the Basics: Devices post:

“Any thoughts on the best Palm device for serial MIDI? I bought a IIxe – 8mb, AAA batteries and a serial port – for this purpose, but I’m not pleased with the screen contrast.”

I can understand your issues with the IIIxe and contrast. If you’re using serial to MIDI then the other devices you might try are:

* IIIc: Same as the IIIxe but with a colour screen
* Palm m500, m505, m515, m130 are all worth looking at as they support serial and also have SD slots

I hope this helps. If you need any more, please email palm dot sounds at mac dot com

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