Update on Intermorphic

According to the following anonymous comment it seems that Intermorphic are making progress with their new software …

“Seems that noatikl is already in an Beta programme, and sounds like it is already way powerful! Not available for public download yet (as far as I can see)”

OSX iPods on the 5th of September?

Most of the Mac sites have picked up the news that Apple is hosting an event on the 5th of next month which is almost certainly going to bring something new for iTunes or the iPod range. Could it be new OSX based iPods? Maybe, but what will that mean. Will the platform be open for developers to write real applications for it or just end the same as the iPhone, with no real developement capability?

I know that there are developers out there who are really interested in working with the platform, but will they get a chance?

Geekie for Palm

This is an interesting little basic interpreter. The video shows a simple game being written very quickly, but gives no details of when it will be available.

My main question would be how easy it is to work with sounds using this language. But I can’t answer that at the moment.

What’s the strangest place you’ve used your PDA to make music?

I’m sure that plently of people have made music on trains and buses and coaches and even on the toilet! But where’s the strangest place you’ve made some music?

Traxxpad review

If you were considering TraxxPad for the PSP, read this review before you do. It certainly goes into plenty of depth. Well worth a read.

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