Soldering Ironcam …

You may remeber that I posted a while back on a project that a reader was working on to build a synth running Hedgehog and Egg. Well, the synth is still being built, and now has a soldering ironcam so you can watch the work as it happens, I know I will.

Tenori-On launch

I expect that many of you got the same email about the TENORI-ON launch. For those who didn’t, here’s the details …

“Futuresonic is to co-present the worldwide launch of the TENORI-ON by Toshio Iwai and Yamaha.

TENORI-ON is a unique AV instrument – a cross between intuitive performance instrument and art object. Toshio Iwai’s TENORI-ON show at Futuresonic 2006 was an undisputed highlight of the festival, and the positive audience response in the UK led Yahama to stage the worldwide launch in London and Manchester. The TENORI-ON has been showcased and refined at major music events and media art festivals; Sonar (Spain), Futuresonic (UK), Ars Electronica (Austria), SIGGRAPH (USA) and Art Futura (Spain), with the first fully realised live show produced by Futuresonic in Manchester as a part of Futuresonic 2006. Toshio Iwai will be joined by Robert Lippok, Capracara and Secondo on 4th September at Phonica in London and by Robert Lippok, Secondo and Graham Massey on 5th September at Mint Lounge in Manchester.

Event info ..


Robert Lippok (Domino/To Rococo Rot)
Toshio Iwai (Media Artist)
Secondo (Dreck Records)
Capracara (Soul Jazz)

Phonica Records / Vinyl Factory, London
Admission Free – Please arrive early to avoid disappointment!


Robert Lippok (Domino/To Rococo Rot)
Toshio Iwai (Media Artist)
Secondo (Dreck Records)
Graham Massey (808 State/Toolshed)

Mint Lounge, Oldham Street, Manchester
Admission Free – Please arrive early to avoid disappointment!”

It does sound very interesting. I’d love to have a play with one.

Update on pD Pod

Thanks to theologiae for posting this comment …

“t’s theologiae again. i go 1st gen ipod tonight and put linux on it as soon as i came home. but i’ve had a lot of problems getting pd to work. i get a error message when i try and launch the test files. i posted something in the ipod/linux forum, so i’ll see if there is a fix to my problem.
but i’m close to getting this set up. i’m glad to have found you blog, once i get it going, i’m going to love it”

Looking forward to hearing about how you get on, please keep in touch.

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