Strange looking LSDJ Workshop on YouTube

Foleo no good for music?

This post from Brighthand has the most up to date information on the Palm Foleo, Palm’s new mobile companion class device. As far as I can see it isn’t going to do much for the mobile music world.


iziBasic is a compiler for Palm OS that allows you to write applications in a language similar to BASIC. It is fairly easy to use and well supported too.

I have been a fan of iziBasic for ages now, but only really started using it when I decided to start the Sound Toys series.

It is a simple language to use (which is handy for someone like me), but most importantly it is an onboard language, so you can write and compile an application right on your PDA without any desktop intervention at all.

It has grown over the years and is now on version 6.0, with 6.1 on the way.

ZX Spectrum video 2

This time another short video of an app running in the Spectrum emulator. Sorry about the poor sound quality!

Making music on the bus

Or, why I love handheld music…

I was on the bus last night, coming home after having a few beers with a friend, and decided to do a little work on some tracks to pass the 25 minute bus ride home.

I re-discovered a track I hadn’t to in ages and started tinkering around with it.

That’s the beauty of making music on handhelds. That’s why I love handheld music. It allows you to make music when you want and where you want.

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