Sound Toys: BeePo

Here’s the other Sound Toy BeePo. It is a very simple app, and you can guess what it does from the title. It was the first app I made a few weeks ago. It doesn’t do much, but it was a good experiment in getting myself back to writing very simple code.

BeePo was tesed on a Tungsten E, Treo 650, Zire 71 and NX73V and worked fine, although the icons were a bit strange on the NX73V for some reason.

Feel free to download it, and play with it as you wish, and, if you want to, let me have any feedback.

C64 Emulation

A short video on my start in emulating a C64 in Windows Mobile.

ZX Spectrum Emulation

First steps in emulating ZX Spectrum music applications on Windows Mobile.

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