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Sound Toys: BeePo

Here’s the other Sound Toy BeePo. It is a very simple app, and you can guess what it does from the title. It was the first app I made a few weeks ago. It doesn’t do much, but it was a good experiment in getting myself back to writing very simple code.

BeePo was tesed on a Tungsten E, Treo 650, Zire 71 and NX73V and worked fine, although the icons were a bit strange on the NX73V for some reason.

Feel free to download it, and play with it as you wish, and, if you want to, let me have any feedback.

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C64 Emulation

A short video on my start in emulating a C64 in Windows Mobile.

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ZX Spectrum Emulation

First steps in emulating ZX Spectrum music applications on Windows Mobile.

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