The Mobile Studio

Ages ago I wrote a post about the idea of having a completely mobile studio, now I think we’re almost there, so what next?

In my original post about a mobile studio I thought it would include:

– Some basic multi-track capability
– A straightforward way of sequencing / arranging music
– The ability to record live sounds
– A way to combine recorded and synthesised sounds

Now, just over a year later, much of that is possible, and in theory in a single device.

MeteoR takes care of the multi-track recording and editing, and far exceeds the basic standard by including automation and multiple effects.

As you would have to have a windows mobile device to run MeteoR you could happily run the StyleTap platform as well, giving you access to the Chocopoolp and even (with time) some of the miniMusic applications may well run smoothly.

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AxisPad does currently work on StyleTap, and MixPad too (I think), and I’m sure that they’ll get the rest to work.

So, where to next for the idea of the mobile studio? What else would you need to add to it whilst still keeping it mobile?

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