Roland SP-555

This really falls into the category of “stuff I’d buy if I had loads of spare cash”, which is not going to be the case for a long time I think.

It is a little bulkier and not as sleek looking as the Akai MPC500, which falls into the same category of course.

The roland site gives this detail:

The newest member of the SP-sampler family breaks ground with innovative features such as Loop Capture, and Super Filter. The SP-555 is fast and powerful, but one thing has been preserved from previous SP models: fun! It’s the ultimate toolkit for DJs, producers, sample-based musicians, or performers who want to take their act to the next level.

– Ultra-easy sampling with innovative Loop Capture feature
– Versatile sampling through Line input, phantom-powered Mic input,USB audio streaming, and WAV/AIFF import
– Dozens of killer performance effects, including Super Filter and DJFX Looper
– Audio interface capability with any DAW or DJ audio application (Cakewalk SONAR LE included)
– Large Sample Memory via CompactFlash (up to 2GB)
– Bundled Wave Converter software (Mac and PC) for importing and exporting WAV/AIFF files
– Infrared D BEAM controller and V-LINK compatibility for high-impact performance

Another iPod Mixer

This time from Sergio. There are actually two models, but I’ve been struggling to work out what the difference is between the iSpin and iBuddy, so I shall leave it up to you if you’re interested.

I know that these aren’t intended for the same audience as the TuneStudio, but even so, I don’t think anyone has come up with anything as simple and straightforward as it as yet.

Small mixer update

Thanks to Concretedog for this comment:

“Hello…been a long time since I posted anything but still loving the blog. I use a behringer UBB1002 desk which can and has been used many times running from 2 pp3’s. its a great little mixer but is a little bigger than the samson one you cited. The great things ab out it imho are that it has real faders..yet is still compact due to each channel having the pan, monitor and eq pots at the side of each fader and that it can supply phantom power to the mics when even when running on batteries allbeit at a lower voltage (18v if memory serves) but its enough to power most condensors. I love mine and they are pretty damn cheap as well!”

Well the UBB1002 does look like it might be just what I’m looking for.

Coming soon: The Basics Series

For some time now I’ve been wondering what it must be like for people stumbling upon this blog with no prior knowledge of handheld music. So, I’ve decided to write a series of posts on the basics in a variety of areas such as:

– Notation
– Sampling
– Synthesis
– Devices
– External hardware

and probably a few more once I get going. In the coming weels I shall be posting these, but in the meantime I’d appreciate any thoughts on problem areas or ideas for stuff I should cover in the series.

Linux on a Palm?

I had sort of been aware of the development of OPIE (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment), but I didn’t really know it was going to well. The Hack n Dev site is also moving ahead with a boot loader that can load Linux into a palm. Amazing.

So, what (if anything) does this mean for mobile music? I’m not sure as yet, but there’s got to be some ability to run more than just the basic PIM software on mobile linux. I’ve had a look at the apps list at the OPIE site, and there’s nothing really as yet, but maybe one day there will be something interesting to run?

Bhajis Loops Sample Packs

A reminder more than anything, that there are loads of useful sample packs for Bhajis Loops at the the chocopoolp site. Take time to check them out!

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