Will TuneStudio be delayed?

Well, it is the end of August and there’s no sign of the TuneStudio as yet. However, if you look on their site at the PDF of their gift ideas, the TuneStudio is listed as a good Christmas gift idea.

So are Belkin delaying the TuneStudio until later in the year? Well, there’s always the possibility that the delay is due to the new iPods that may or may not be coming on the 5th of September. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Next steps in emulation

I’ve talked quite a lot about emulation lately and it has even made it onto the first Palm Sounds podcast, so I thought I should perhaps give a little bit more information about what I’m doing and why.

Ages ago I started toying with the idea of running an Atari emulation on my Tungsten T3 so I could run and access old Atari music applications that I’d used years ago.

In many ways these apps weren’t as good as stuff like Microbe or Bhajis Loops, but they present a different way of making music with the same device and for a very little or no cost.

So, here’s where I’m at:

ZX Spectrum Emulation
Still trying out old ZX apps, and slowly going through them. I think I downloaded well over 30 apps to test out so it is a slow process as you can imagine.

C64 Emulation
Struggling with this a little, mainly with getting the screen to work at a size that is actually workable. However, I have just found that the emulator has a very useful feature which allows you to record the audio output from the emulator into a single wav file on the root drive on the PPC. Nice.

Atari ST Emulation
Haven’t really got started on this as yet, but I am hopeful.

DOS Emulation
Again, not started, but I hope to get this moving next week.

Mac Emulation
I have mini vMac running but I don’t think that this is ever going to be really useful, which is a shame as it looks great. Still, I may find a way to make it useful at some point.

So, overall there’s still lots to do but I hope that it will become useful at some point. I think my best chances are with the Atari and C64 emulation and I may try to focus my efforts there.

Pocket Gear get an facelift

PocketGear has had a facelift and is a bit easier to use now I think. I do wonder why they don’t merge PocketGear and PalmGear?

Pacemaker update

Pacemaker has updated their site and has published the price of their device at €520 !!! Wow, that’ more than I was expecting. They’re taking pre-orders.

Pophorn in action

Here’s the pophorns in action …

What is a pophorn?

Good question. According to the Popohorn site a pophorn is …

“a series of small software applications that transform mobile phones into various musical instruments. Pophorns acknowledge the mobile phone as a platform for active sonic (co-)creation, and aim to shorten the distance between pocket and musical action.”

They are due for release in September, so let’s see what happens when they arrive …

Mobile Processing

I’ve only tinkered with this for a while, but I keep getting errors returned about java classes not being there. Anyone else have similar problems?

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