Search for a tiny mixer

One thing a PDA device can’t (currently) do is to mix multiple input signals. I found one possible candidate for a portable mixing solution, the Samson Mixpad 4 which, from what I can gather, is almost exactly what I’m after. But of course they’re not being made any more.

So, if you know of any really small battery powered mixers, please let me know.

One thought on “Search for a tiny mixer”

  1. Hello…been a long time since I posted anything but still loving the blog. I use a behringer UBB1002 desk which can and has been used many times running from 2 pp3’s. its a great little mixer but is a little bigger than the samson one you cited. The great things ab out it imho are that it has real faders..yet is still compact due to each channel having the pan, monitor and eq pots at the side of each fader and that it can supply phantom power to the mics when even when running on batteries allbeit at a lower voltage (18v if memory serves) but its enough to power most condensors. I love mine and they are pretty damn cheap as well!heres the link;


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