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TuneStudio almost ready to ship

According to eMusician the TuneStudio is almost ready to ship.

“When I wandered by Belkin’s booth (Belkin at NAMM? That’s news!), I discovered that the TuneStudio is almost ready to ship. Just in case you didn’t notice all the publicity it got when it was announced, the TuneStudio is an iPod-based recording studio that goes a bit beyond any other iPod-recording device, and it looks pretty neat, too.”

I’m looking forward to the release in the UK, which will be after the US release in the Summer.

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Ubisoft Jam Sessions in UK now Sept 28!

According to Amazon. Shame, I was looking forward to that.

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First Steps: TRG Pro & SG20

Well, I’ve hooked up my TRG Pro and SG20, and started to use some of the older applications I’ve got which will run in Palm OS 3.5.

The Applications I plan to use are:

– BeatPad
– NotePad
– SpinPad (demo)
– Egg (demo)
– Hedgehog
– Burrito
– Tractor
– Meedy

Plus any others I can conjure up.

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First Steps in Traxxpad for PSP

First Steps in Traxxpad. Handy video.

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