PDA Museum

There was an Apple Newton museum, which eventually got broken up and sold off on eBay (great shame really). So I am going to start a Palm / PDA version, it will probably take quite a lot of time and effort. To start with I’ve managed to get hold of a TRG Pro, which is a wonderful pam device that wasn’t made by Palm. It was built by a company called Handera. In many ways it was like the Palm IIIxe, but it had a CF card slot as well. Here’s some of the specs:

TRGpro™ Built-in Applications
Palm OS® 3.5.3
Palm OS extensions for accessing CompactFlash cards
CardPro® utility for moving applications to and from CF memory devices in TRGpro
FlashPro™ – data safety/memory utility software

Motorola DragonBall-EZ™ MC68EZ328 operating at 16MHz

2MB FLASH (standard) contains the Palm OS and built-in applications. When using FlashPro® software (included) it is capable of storing user applications and data which are retained even in the event of a total loss of power for extended periods of time

Card Slot
One CompactFlash™ Type I/II card slot (for adding additional storage, modem3, ethernet3, etc.)

Internal audio amplifier and speaker

So, what’s the really big benefit of an old OS4 device? Well, it will work with an SG20 (a MIDI module) tha twill clip directly onto the base of the unit.

Anyway, I’m quite pleased with the start of my PDA Museum.

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