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Griff Plugin: Pocket Hat

Another cool plugin for Griff. This time the hihat emulator. Here’s what the Griff site says about it:

“HiHat Emulator by Zephod.

It provides you with the same style of hihat sounds a certain famous drummachine does..
The controls:

OH Decay: Sets the duration of the open hihat
CH Decay: Sets the duration of the closed hihat
MODE: When set to Mono, only 1 hihat can sound at a time, like on a real drumkit. When set to duo, both hihats will sound at the same time when played at the same time, and won’t cut off.”

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Zephod’s Griff Beta Buzzmachines

Zephod made some of the best plug ins for Griff. Here’s his site. Worth a look.

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