Mixx Mobile: Update

I decided that I didn’t want to have the same thing happen to me as happened with miniMIXA, i.e. I never got around to buying a copy and no there’s no way to buy it anymore. So I bought my copy of Mixx Mobile today and played with it a bit more. So far I can report that the time stretch works well. More later.

P.S. It does seem strange that only a few months ago I was really looking forward to having a multi-track on my PDA, and now I have two!

If you can’t beat them, or join them …

… then maybe the next best thing is to make some small beeping type applications yourself?

Well that’s the plan anyway. Palm Sounds will be releasing a series of Palm applications entitled Sound Toys, and that’s exactly what they are and nothing more.

Sound toys applications will mainly make some little beeping noises and not much more at this stage, because they are just toys after all.

In effect they are my way of starting to learn to write simple programs again (the last time I did that was at school)! I decided that I would share the results of this with you as some of these apps might be fun to play with. Might be!

The first in the series will be very simple indeed (honestly, very very very simple) and will be more like some of the early palm music making applications which allowed you to make beeps in a sequence (if you were lucky).

All the applications (however many there end up being) in the Sound Toys series will be free as I don’t think I could ever justify charging for them. So when they appear, download them, play with them, laugh at them, delete them as you wish.

The first one or two should appear soon(-ish), maybe in a couple of weeks.

At least initially the Sound Toys apps will be palm OS only, but I might (if I’m lucky) get them to run on StyleTap. At some point I may venture into making bad Windows Mobile apps as well, who knows!

REMEMBER: Don’t expect too much at all! None of these applications are going to make you stop using Bhajis Loops, or any of the miniMusic applications. They are going to be really really simple!

One day I hope to progress to doing something more interesting, but until then, Sound Toys it is!

Griff Plugin: mdaFilter

I think that this is another Griff plugin that I haven’t bought as yet. The design is lovely and clean, which is always good.

The Griff site says this:

“mdaFilter is a 12dB/oct filter operating in either LowPass, BandPass or HighPass mode.”

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