Mixx Mobile: First Look

I got around to playing (albeit very briefly) with Mixx Mobile this afternoon. Only a very brief look I have to say, and so far I’ve only messed about with the demo track that comes with the application.

So far, I’ve found it to be an interesting little app, which is basically a small multi-track recorder / editor. In the demo song there are three tracks and a bunch of relatively short clips contained in those tracks, so I don’t know how it will cope with recording longer pieces of audio.

You can use up to 6 tracks of audio for a project. Audio clips can be edited and have effects applied to them such as:

· Bass Optimizer
· Equalizer
· Chorus
· Reverb
· Echo

I only tried out the echo and reverb, but I did like the reverb controls.

I haven’t tried out the export functions, or used any of my own clips to see what it can do. However, I think that at this stage it is worth a closer look, and when I get a chance I’ll do just that and post again.

Abadja Rhythm for Palm 1.0 on Palmgear

Here’s a nice app for Palms with flash player installed.

The application description at Palmgear says:

“Interact with an African percussion ensemble, and learn about West African drumming music with your Flash enabled handheld computer. Play the Abadja rhythm ensemble by turning instruments on and off during playback.

You can store combinations of instruments for instant recall. Read about each instrument and its role in the ensemble. For best audio quality, try listening with headphones.

Supported devices:
HVGA (320 x 480) Palm 5 devices
Sony CLIE TH55 – UX50, 40 – NZ90 – NX80V, 73V, 70V, 60 (Flash 5 pre-installed)

Palm LifeDrive and Palm TX,T5,T3 or Tapwav Zodiac with Flash 5 player for Palm installed.”

Worth a play, although I’m not sure it will work on Windows Mobile?

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