Giff Plugin: mda Organ

This is a great plug in for Griff. It has a really rich sound, and is more versatile than you might think.

Here’s what the Griff site says:

mdaOrgan is an virtual classic drawbar organ with 9 drawbars and a percussion switch.

Use with the mdaLeslie speaker emulator for best results.

Drawbar sizes:
5 1/3′
2 2/3′
1 3/5′
1 1/3′

Created by mda. I have a personal soft spot for this sound, but over and above that the interface is fantastic.


I miss my old Libretto

I got rid of it a while ago, and even when I had it I didn’t really use it for anything, even so I begin to miss it for no reason I can adequately explain!

It really wasn’t up to making music with at all, but some of the later Libretto’s were almost useful if you know what I mean. They still fetch a reasonable price on eBay as well. The 110CT models could go up to 64mb of RAM and a 4gb hard drive. I know that by today’s standard this is nothing, but the size of the thing is fantastic.

I half want to buy one again, but it is a silly idea really.