Nifty little Mod player from Ledset

Here’s what the Ledset site says about it:

What is Cyber Mod?

Pocket Cyber Mod is a mod music player for PDA’s running Microsoft Pocket PC. Cyber Mod Player is freeware.

What is Mod music?

The sample files of today like mp3 and wma are only possible thanks to cheaper memory (the kids nowadays don’t know how lucky they are… etc…). Mod music was developed at a time when storage/program memory was very expensive. A mod file contains a few tiny samples and some instructions telling the computer how to build a tune out of them. The end result is great sounding music that only occupies a miniscule amount of memory. This is IDEAL for smaller computers like PDAs, after all you won’t fit many MP3s on your iPAQ but you’ll be able to fit thousands of mod files on it.

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