OT: ZX Spectrum Orchestra

I just got a copy of “Basic Programming”. The CD release from the ZX Spectrum Orchestra, and it is fantastic. Not really handheld I know, but certainly of interest.

Griff Plugin: Goldfish

The fantastic Goldfish bass synth from Griff

Here’s what the the Griff site says:

“Simple and effective design from Zephod. Monophonic bassline synth Designed to be fast but still have a smooth filter. Controls include env mod, resonance, wave, glide, decay and cut-off.”

A lovely sound, worth it if you have Griff.

Hardware or Software

I’ve written a few posts recently about hardware devices and I’ve found myself lusting after a Boss Micro-BR again. It makes me wonder, what is better, dedicated hardware or software for generic devices?

I like the idea of hardware that is made specifically for one task, but I also want to carry less gear that can do more so that I can do everything I need with the minimum number of devices.

I think maybe a poll to see what you think too.

Zoom shot

A lovely hardware shot. Looks nice!

Palm Sounds Calendar

Don’t forget the Palm Sounds diary. It gets updated fairly regularly, but doesn’t have too much in it at the moment, which is a bit of a shame.

If you have any news items please get in touch so that they can get on the diary.

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