Here’s a strange looking device from NTI Comodo Inc. A sort of podcasting recorder device. Although it is sort of handheld, I’m not sure who it is aiming at really. Here’s what their site says about it:

“DJmix2000 is our latest addition of USB audio product that reproduced digitally enhanced audio/sound technology for empowering music lovers. Dynamic playback out comes sound and record in your desktop/ lap top PC.

……For empowering music lovers as well as Music deejay, karaoke lovers ….


1. full duplex sound card inside
2. Microphone with Echo control.
3. Low latency pipe line for music

The DJmix2000 platinum USB audio/karaoke Console also retains the features that made the playback & record with microphone (vocal) echo control.

-. echo control
-. record/stop/play key
-. play/pause, stop. prev, next track
-. master volume control
-. 3 mode key microphone/music/mixed”

Fair enough, it is a Japanese site and the translation may not be all that, even so, who is this for?

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