Well this looks like an interesting application for the PSP. So far the PSP has mainly supported homebrew music applications (to the best of my knowledge), but now comes Traxxpad a studio type application for PSP, and it looks really interesting.

Traxxpad, is an application which transforms the PSP into a music studio. You can create, mix and sample tracks on the go with your PSP.

Traxxpad blends the power of sequencers, drum machines, and keyboards while simultaneously making the equipment easy to use and accessible, allowing anyone to create, mix and sample their own tracks at home or on-the-go. Music making can be as fun and easy as simply pressing buttons, or as in-depth and detailed as the user wants make it.

Equipped with over 1000 stock sounds, the extensive sound library ensures that there is always variety to choose from. Traxxpad can also be utilized as a Sampler, utilizing the PSP system microphone. Sample anything, anywhere, and then use the wave editor to trim, adjust gain, normalize or reverse the recording. Most importantly, Traxxpad allows users to export their songs to mp3 files, enabling production to be as easy as burning to a disc or transferring to your MP3 player.

Of course, now I’m wondering if I can justify getting myself a PSP!

If you’ve had a chance to play with this or know someone who has, please do get in touch with reviews.

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