A Reader Synth Project

Some time ago a Palm Sounds reader contacted me about copies of the Capers applets and demos for a synth building project. Well, the project is moving forward, and there’s news and pictures:

“… we’ve had a few interesting setbacks but things are looking pretty good at the moment. Good news and weird news to say the least. the first test build of the synth literally went up in flames. I suspect it was a short somewhere on the circuit board, the designer of the board insists it was due to an error in my assembly. We argued about it for a few weeks and decided it was best to forget about it and look over all the design and see if there was anything we could improve. We’ve ended up with a really killer board. It’s a hybrid synth using digital sound generation with analog processing. so it’s got a beefy filter section, some pretty interesting routing capabilities, and a fairly small size for something built from non-micro sized components. It will feature the palm as it’s primary controller but will also allow full midi input. All in a six or seven space shallow rack.

I’ve got a friend who is a metal fabricator who promises he will cut my control panel just as soon as he gets a chance. I’ve been traveling quite a bit for work lately so things have been hectic.

I’ve attached a few photos of all the components.

All told there about 1000 parts. the photos don’t really convey just how many parts there are. Way more than anticipated, but my designer friend assures me it is the bare minimum for the desired results….”

Well, it sounds like a really interesting project. Check out the reader’s site at Siempre La Luna, and I’ll post more on this as I get it.

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