In praise of miniMIXA

I thought I’d post some favourite video moments from miniMIXA as a way of remembering what a great product it was.

Zoom PS04: Hardware review

Well, I have to be honest and admit that I’ve actually sold my Zoom PS04 now. However, as people have asked for a review of this I thought I might trawl around and find some reviews of the device. Here they are in no particular order:

Harmony Central
A lot of user comments on this, perhaps not entirely objective.

Up to date (posted in Feb 07) and seems reasonably objective from a mobile musician’s point of view.

Some more user reviews.

When you read this stuff you get the impression that overall this is a hard working little device that does a good job, but is smalll and has maybe had too much designed in to it in one go.

For me it wasn’t intuitive enough, although I know that there are plently of people who love the device and work with it quite happily.

Windows Mobile 6

What does it mean for mobile music? Will it mean that it is easier for developers to create new music applications? Will it mean application development is easier so that more developers decide to create mobile music applications? I don’t know. Let’s hope it is something good.

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