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Casio VL-10 on eBay for £299!

Someone is selling a casio VL-10 on eBay for £299.00. Now, I wouldn’t mind getting one of these, but I don’t think I’d pay £299.00, + £6 postage on top!

Whilst I think they’re great little toys, I wonder what Casio could do with a box that size these days? Imagine that for a moment…

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Email from Pacemaker

I got another email from Pacemaker about what they’re up to, here’s what it says:

Hey friend!
Here’s an update with the latest news from Pacemaker – the pocket-size DJ system.

1) Our website is updated with new 3D demo films, with some tasty previews of the functionality of Pacemaker. Have a look at http://www.pacemaker.net

2) We’re just back from the Sónar festival in Barcelona, where we pulled of a couple of much appreciated ‘street-jaying’ and ‘beach-jaying’ sessions with Pacemaker, together with DJ duo ‘Housewives’. Check out the pictures at

http://www.flickr.com/photos/pacemaker/ and the short films at

3) Thrilled over all the feedback we’ve been getting from you guys out there, we will be opening pre-bookings of the first limited edition.

More news coming shortly.

All the best / Pacemaker Possé

The updates to the site and photos (previously posted) are worth a look.

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New Milkytracker video

A new helpful video from Milkytracker, worth checking out.

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Pacemaker video on YouTube

A very small video from Pacemaker.

Doesn’t tell you much though does it?

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