Pacemaker on Digital Lifestyles

Digital Lifestyles has an interesting bit of information on the Pacemaker device.

Traxxpad Bank Structure tutorial

Another handy traxxpad tutorial.

Search for a tiny mixer

One thing a PDA device can’t (currently) do is to mix multiple input signals. I found one possible candidate for a portable mixing solution, the Samson Mixpad 4 which, from what I can gather, is almost exactly what I’m after. But of course they’re not being made any more.

So, if you know of any really small battery powered mixers, please let me know.

TuneStudio almost ready to ship

According to eMusician the TuneStudio is almost ready to ship.

“When I wandered by Belkin’s booth (Belkin at NAMM? That’s news!), I discovered that the TuneStudio is almost ready to ship. Just in case you didn’t notice all the publicity it got when it was announced, the TuneStudio is an iPod-based recording studio that goes a bit beyond any other iPod-recording device, and it looks pretty neat, too.”

I’m looking forward to the release in the UK, which will be after the US release in the Summer.

Ubisoft Jam Sessions in UK now Sept 28!

According to Amazon. Shame, I was looking forward to that.

First Steps: TRG Pro & SG20

Well, I’ve hooked up my TRG Pro and SG20, and started to use some of the older applications I’ve got which will run in Palm OS 3.5.

The Applications I plan to use are:

– BeatPad
– NotePad
– SpinPad (demo)
– Egg (demo)
– Hedgehog
– Burrito
– Tractor
– Meedy

Plus any others I can conjure up.

First Steps in Traxxpad for PSP

First Steps in Traxxpad. Handy video.

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