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iPhone Garageband conversations

I found this post on theappleblog.com which seems to have got a number of people interested in Garageband on the iPhone.

I think it is a good concept, but I doubt that Apple would do it without introducing something more interesting to an iPhone GB version.

0 comments on “6th Generation iPods running OSX?”

6th Generation iPods running OSX?

This post on iLounge claims that iPods running OSX could be announced as early as September. I have to say that if they are as limited in terms of their scope as the iPhone, I don’t think their going to do much for me!

2 comments on “DS Emulator for Palm not so likely it seems”

DS Emulator for Palm not so likely it seems

It seems now that this forum thread about the GBA / DS emulator for Palm may not get to the DS part for some time after all. A bit of a shame, but you never know, it still may deliver in the end.

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