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Kinetica Soundwaves Closing Event

A bit late to go along, but I thought it worth noting that the Soundwaves exhibition / festival has had a closing party tonight. I would have like to go, but couldn’t make it tonight. I would expecially have liked to have seen the ZX Spectrum Orchestra.

Soundwaves Closing Event, Friday June 29th, 6pm-11pm

To celebrate the success of Soundwaves we are organising a special closing event this Friday. The event will feature final performances by Soundwaves artists, and a programme of live acts and visually-motivated music from the Noise of Art.

There will also be a beer terrace, and it’ll be your last chance to smoke in Old Spitalfields Market (a covered public area).

Level One: Live acts
George Demure – the velvet voice of London’s electro scene
Anarchist Wood – feisty new punk cabaret band
ZX Spectrum Orchestra – experimental pop/electronica using no more than Sinclair hardware and peripheral devices
Devil Fish – north/south London duo peddling acidic electro-breaks

Level Two: DJ vs VJs
Screenings of audiovisual works including Barbican Centre commissions by Tal Rosner (‘Stravinsky Concerto for Two Pianos’ & ‘Doppelganger’) and Sophie Clement (‘Bicycle Samba’)
+ Ben Osborne and Elliot Adams (CD Baby) DJ to an eclectic electronic mash up of visuals courtesy of Funk Cutter and Hybreed.

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DS Emulator for Palm?

This forum thread on 1src hints that there may well be GBA / Nintendo DS emulator in the pipeline (although a later post suggests that the DS 3-d hardware emulation will be more of a long term goal). Even so, I would love to see Electroplankton running on a Palm!

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iPhone day!

Fair enough, the big day arrives, in the US at any rate. Let’s see how things progress and what the consumers say about iPhone.

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