MeTeoR 1 Month in

A month on from the release of the first mobile multi-track. Some thoughts …

One month ago 4Pockets brought Windows Mobile users the ability to record and edit up to 12 audio tracks on a PDA, with the final mix being exported to .WAV or an MP3 file.

MeteoR lets you bring audio into an audio pool from which you can import clips in standard .wav format, work with them and clips recorded directly on your device.

After a month I have to say I am still impressed.

A multi-track in your pocket? The dedicated hardware version have been around for a long time. Devices from Zoom and Tascam spring to mind, with 3 or even 4 tracks, but 12. With automation, effects, and MP3 export, and running in Windows Mobile? Now I still think that’s amazing.

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