Nanoloop Live?

It does look like this is a picture of Nanoloop being used at a live gig. The caption reads “playing the gameboy with nanoloop at my bar 23 gig”.. Cool.

Ring Tone Librarian

A lesser known product from Chocopoolp. This application allows you to copy MIDI files stored on your memory card to the ring tones database of the Treo 600 / 650 and archive the ring tones as MIDI files on the memory card.


Drum Kit ACE: Mini Review

I’ve posted on this app for Pocket PC once before, but now I’ve had a bit more time to play with it, I thought I’d post a brief updated.

It is unusual in that it is a combination app including a memory game and also an easy to program drum machine. In the two game modes Memory Master and Rhythm Master use your touch screen stylus to hit the drums and follow the computers lead. Practice drumming in Freestyle mode, complete with metronome to help improve your timing.

The Drum Machine enables you to create up to 99 drum tracks. Whilst the interface is simple and intuitive it isn’t going to break any new ground.

Fun to play with though and nice drum pictures.

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