DSMI (DS Music Interface)

Here’s a video that demonstrates the wireless capabilities of DSMI

About DSMI

So what is DSMI exactly?

DSMI consists of libdsmi An open source library for DS homebrew development that makes it easy to write DS software that acts as a MIDI controller or MIDI client.

An application that runs on the computer and forwards the MIDI messages received via Wifi to MIDI applications. The DSMIDIWiFi server is open source and is available for

DS MIDI Keyboard

DS MIDI Keyboard acts as a MIDI keyboard, including pitch wheel / MIDI control adjustment by sliding the stylus vertically/horizonally.

Kaos DS is an XY controller similar to the Kaoss pad. You can use the stylus or your fingers to adjust MIDI controls.

Pulse DS turns the DS into a MIDI synthesizer that uses the DS’s PSG (programmable sound generator) to produce Game-Boy-like sounds.

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