Intermorphic and Mobile…

Thanks to the guys at Intermorphic for their comments, not only about the Palm Sounds blog, but also confirming that they have plans to bring their new suite of apps to the mobile world in due course.

That’s something to look forward to!

Theremin (Clangers) for PocketPC

Freeware Pocket Clanger Theremin
How cool is that. This is a real fun app for Pocket PC. It even has a cute Clanger right there in the middle. Pick it up here. Here’s what the Ledset site has to say about it:

A FreeWare Theremin for your PocketPC – V1.02 24th Jan 2004

With a real Theremin, the user is able to create music by simply moving a hand in the proximity of a radio aerial, this movement effects the tuning of an electrical oscillator circuit, and thus music can be played with nothing more than gestures of the hand.

A PocketPC doesn’t include the means to replicate the radio circuitry capable of detecting the presence of a hand, but it does include a CPU powerful enough to synthesize the analogue circuitry within a theremins sound generation stage.

The Pocket Clanger Theremin is controlled by moving your stylus/finger around on the multicoloured pad with the picture of the Clanger on it:

Moving horizontally will cause the frequency (pitch) to change.
Moving vertically will cause the amplitude (volume) to change.

With skill and practice there’s no reason why you can’t become a virtuoso on this peculiar instrument.

Reminder: Kinetica GPS PDA workshop

A quick reminder for the following event

Saturday, June 23rd 2-5pm
Probably the best metaphor for an aura sound world is to imagine walking through an array of invisible audio speakers suspended in space. Each speaker represents a sound node and emits different audio depending on where you, the user, is situated in relation to it. The sounds appear to act like real sounds in the real world. Steve Symons invites you play with his aura software and create your own 3D audio worlds using GPS enabled PDAs

Kinetica are hosting a workshop on 3D audio worlds using PDAs with GPS. I am sure I read about something like this at one of the Mobile Music Workshops.

Sadly it is yet another event I can’t attend, but I thought it might interest others.

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