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I’ve posted on Intermorphic before, but if you didn’t know, Intermorphic is Pete and Tim Cole (colartz), creators of miniMIXA, a powerful mobile music mixer for Windows Mobile / XP, Symbian and Linux.

They are developing a range of multimedia tools to help you come up with new ideas, be they musical, lyrical or visual :

noatikl – replacement for the “legendary” Koan Generative Music system
liptikl – powerful lyric ideas generator for songwriters and poets
optikl – colourful light synthesiser for experimentation

Whilst all of these are aimed at desktop systems, let’s hope they get some time to do something mobile too.


  1. Hi from Intermorphic!Don’t panic – we have plans to bring all these tools – and more – to mobile in due course. 🙂Pete

  2. Cheers dude! We expect Intermorphic will continue doing things in mobile, but we have a few pressing desktop things to get done first! NB: You have a great, and informative blog on mobile music – certainly the best I have come across. Keep up the good work, as it is chokked full of useful info!

  3. Seems that noatikl is already in an Beta programme, and sounds like it is already way powerful! Not available for public download yet (as far as I can see)

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