MeTeoR talk (4)

Some further feedback has been left on MeTeoR by the anonymous commentator, this looks interesting:

“Hi, it’s me (anonymous) again, and I must ad important info about this prog:
When I tried it the other day and found the timing perfect, it was because I had recorded each track one by one (all others muted while recording), with the metronome on..

Today, I tried to “sing” (record) the drumtrack with metronome on, that was OK.
But when I tried to add the bass track with metronome off, the result is just awful!!!

So I’d say this program is a good wave files mixer, but you can’t use it as a true multitracks recorder since you can’t just add a bassline over a drums track…

There’s a “latency” setting, but I think it’s an overall latency setting, not track by track setting.
I think the issue would be acceptable if we could manually “play” with this latency, allowing us to adjust each track with each other (or rather with the first or drum track).”

I think it would be really useful if the anonymous commentator could pass this feedback to 4Pockets the developer to see what kind of response you get.

I have to say that so far my experience has been with using this application with vocals and an existing .wav track (not using the metronome), and I had good experiences.

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