MeTeoR talk (3)

Some interesting feedback has been left on my first post on MeTeoR by an anonymous commentator:

The axim x50v and x51v both have an audio input and output. Actually, it’s the same “hole”, but you can buy or make yourself (someone gave all the instructions about how to make it)a cable that divides itself into 2 cables (1 for input, 1 for output).
I tried the demo today and the software is awsome!!
Sometimes the metronome sounds weird when recording, but when listening, with metronome off, everything’s perfect!

They go on to say:

Both axims (x50v and x51v) have audio input and output.
Actually, it’s the same “hole”, so you can buy or make yourself a cable ( someone somewhere gives all instructions needed to make it for cheap)that divides itself into 2 cables (one output,one input).
The input plug can even be guitar-plug sized! so you can record any instrument on it!
I tried the demo today with 6 tracks (only voices without a real mic) and I can say the software is great!!!
The metronome may sometimes sound weird while recording, but when listening with metronome off, everything is just pefect (I’m a drummer so I know the timing was good).

Good feedback I’d say…

Tao Group site still out

According to an anonymous comment, it seems like there Tao group aren’t even responding to phone calls! This doesn’t feel good at all. Let’s hope it isn’t really bad news.

Kinetica GPS PDA workshop

Aura: The Stuff Around the Stuff Around You

Kinetica are hosting a workshop on 3D audio worlds using PDAs with GPS. I am sure I read about something like this at one of the Mobile Music Workshops.

Here’s what the Kinetica site says about it:

Probably the best metaphor for an aura sound world is to imagine walking through an array of invisible audio speakers suspended in space. Each speaker represents a sound node and emits different audio depending on where you, the user, is situated in relation to it. The sounds appear to act like real sounds in the real world. Steve Symons invites you to play with his aura software and create your own 3D audio worlds using GPS enabled PDAs.

Sadly it is yet another event I can’t attend, but I thought it might interest others.


People routinely perform with laptops, so could you or would you perform with a PDA, or even a series of PDAs? What would it be like?

Could it be more theatrical, like the kind of thing that the Sancho Plan do?

QOTD: Will mobile music always be fringe?

In the early days of laptop music people didn’t think that it would take off, but of course, it did. Will PDA music ever become truly mainstream?

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