MeTeoR talk …

Thanks to concretehub for this comment about MeTeoR:

“I noticed at CDM you mentioned you had a cable made up allowing for mic in and phones out… cool. You also mentioned a line input.. does the axim have one of these as standard or is it something you wanted to have/ wishlist? I am impressed by meteor but have no windows moblie device to try this on but I’m intrigued by the possibilities of bouncing stuff between bhajis on my tx as separate instrument tracks and then mixing and overdubbing on something like this!”

Here’s a brief reply:

The Axim uses a 4-pole 3.5mm input jack which allows for simultaneous use of mic and phones. The cable adapter was built to take advantage of this. You could put a line in to this with a low volume to take an instrument input. I haven’t experimented with this as yet, but I will (when time allows).

I see know you mean about using bhajis and overdubbing. That’s what I’ve been doing for a few weeks now. The other interesting thing is that Bhajis will run on Windows Mobile via StyleTap, and Bhajis Loops was adjusted to recognise that it is running on the StyleTap platform. Using the two together makes for quite a combination.

I plan to post some pictures of the cable that I’m using and the phones / mic, plus a circuit diagram for the adapter if anyone wants that.


  1. Thanks for your response and the further details..I think I may have to keep an eye open for an x51v! Look forward to seeing the cable schematic and hearing further details as you find time to experiment.


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