Milkytracker v0.90.60 RELEASED

MilkyTracker has been updated to v0.90.60 here’s what you can expect …

Whats New:

o New imported (obscure) module formats (mainly for personal satisfaction):
o Another DSM format (Digisound Interface Kit library)
o Another AMF format (DSMI library)
o SFX (SoundFX)

* Basic AIFF loader (Apple Sound Format, only reads uncompressed AIFF but allows for importing CD tracks directly on OS X)
* Four new 8×8 fonts (thanks to idc and Rez)
* Set custom screen resolution
* Scrollbars in the list boxes dynamically show/hide depending on content (saves some space)
* Row preview with Shift+Space
* Song Preview Alt+Space
* Integrated disk browser (click “flip” in the disk operations panel)
* Sample editor got EQ filters now (3 and 10 bands)
* Sample editor got waveform generators for sine, square, triangle and sawtooth
* Solid scopes (ProTracker style, toggle in the config under the misc. tab)
* Pattern replay is a bit more like Ft2 now (switching to different pattern doesn’t reset cursor to row 0)
* Clone button to clone the current order
* “Mix paste” in the sample editor: paste in a sample from the clipboard and get it mixed with the current selection/entire sample.
* As usually: more Ft2-compatible replay

Bugs Fixed:


* A severe volume ramping bug has been fixed
* Instrument auto vibrato ramp wave forms were swapped
* Fixed several issues in the replayer which were causing problems when using EDx and Mx and similiar combinations
* Orders containing pattern number FF vanished from modules saved from Ft2.
* Loading arbitrary files as samples adds the filename to the sample text.
* The y-axis in the sample editor was flipped (negative side was on the top).
* Toggling scopes in the config with the keyboard left the checkbox unaffected.
* Crash: A bug in the IFF reader crashes MilkyTracker when loading some IFF samples.
* Crash: After adding channels and saving as MOD.
* Saving MOD with extended octaves (5 instead of 3) produces results like FT2 now.
* Crash: (on Linux x86_64, strange behavior elsewhere): Caused by illegal 16-bit zero-length samples, as saved by Soundtracker.
* Crash: when loading modules without instruments.
* FREEZE: when zooming way in/loading LOOONG instrument envelopes.
* FREEZE (on Windows Vista): when initializing audio on startup.
* Assigning samples to notes in the instrument editor by clicking and holding (painting) doesn’t have effect on C-0.
* Certain hot words in song titles cause incorrect module format detection (improved at least ;)).
* Clear button above sample box didn’t work properly.
* Dxx on the last row of a pattern caused a display error when xx is greater than the number of rows on the current pattern.
* Insert silence screwed up 16 bit samples.
* Instrument panning settings defaulted to center on key-release when key-jamming.
* Optimizer functions “Minimize all samples” and “Samples to 8-bit” triggered one another when only one of them were selected.
* Selection block is truncated to current pattern length (you know, after being taller on a taller pattern).
* Several things like applying sample editor filters and using the optimizer reset global volume.
* Other things I can’t remember đŸ˜›

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