Happy Birthday Palm Sounds, 1 year old!

Yes, Palm Sounds was one year old on the 25th of May. Who would have thought it? Not me anyway.

To celebrate, spread the word about Palm Sounds and post it on your blog, link to us on your site or whatever.

And in order to celebrate, I thought I’d make a t-shirt with the palm sounds logo on it. You might say a bit cheesy, but I don’t mind.

Here’s to another year of handheld music.

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Nitrotracker in Computer Music

The latest edition of Computer Music has a good feature on trackers in the latest issue, and one of the applications reviewed was Nitrotracker. Great to see applications like this getting some mainstream exposure.

Milkytracker v0.90.60 RELEASED

MilkyTracker has been updated to v0.90.60 here’s what you can expect …

Whats New:

o New imported (obscure) module formats (mainly for personal satisfaction):
o Another DSM format (Digisound Interface Kit library)
o Another AMF format (DSMI library)
o SFX (SoundFX)

* Basic AIFF loader (Apple Sound Format, only reads uncompressed AIFF but allows for importing CD tracks directly on OS X)
* Four new 8×8 fonts (thanks to idc and Rez)
* Set custom screen resolution
* Scrollbars in the list boxes dynamically show/hide depending on content (saves some space)
* Row preview with Shift+Space
* Song Preview Alt+Space
* Integrated disk browser (click “flip” in the disk operations panel)
* Sample editor got EQ filters now (3 and 10 bands)
* Sample editor got waveform generators for sine, square, triangle and sawtooth
* Solid scopes (ProTracker style, toggle in the config under the misc. tab)
* Pattern replay is a bit more like Ft2 now (switching to different pattern doesn’t reset cursor to row 0)
* Clone button to clone the current order
* “Mix paste” in the sample editor: paste in a sample from the clipboard and get it mixed with the current selection/entire sample.
* As usually: more Ft2-compatible replay

Bugs Fixed:


* A severe volume ramping bug has been fixed
* Instrument auto vibrato ramp wave forms were swapped
* Fixed several issues in the replayer which were causing problems when using EDx and Mx and similiar combinations
* Orders containing pattern number FF vanished from modules saved from Ft2.
* Loading arbitrary files as samples adds the filename to the sample text.
* The y-axis in the sample editor was flipped (negative side was on the top).
* Toggling scopes in the config with the keyboard left the checkbox unaffected.
* Crash: A bug in the IFF reader crashes MilkyTracker when loading some IFF samples.
* Crash: After adding channels and saving as MOD.
* Saving MOD with extended octaves (5 instead of 3) produces results like FT2 now.
* Crash: (on Linux x86_64, strange behavior elsewhere): Caused by illegal 16-bit zero-length samples, as saved by Soundtracker.
* Crash: when loading modules without instruments.
* FREEZE: when zooming way in/loading LOOONG instrument envelopes.
* FREEZE (on Windows Vista): when initializing audio on startup.
* Assigning samples to notes in the instrument editor by clicking and holding (painting) doesn’t have effect on C-0.
* Certain hot words in song titles cause incorrect module format detection (improved at least ;)).
* Clear button above sample box didn’t work properly.
* Dxx on the last row of a pattern caused a display error when xx is greater than the number of rows on the current pattern.
* Insert silence screwed up 16 bit samples.
* Instrument panning settings defaulted to center on key-release when key-jamming.
* Optimizer functions “Minimize all samples” and “Samples to 8-bit” triggered one another when only one of them were selected.
* Selection block is truncated to current pattern length (you know, after being taller on a taller pattern).
* Several things like applying sample editor filters and using the optimizer reset global volume.
* Other things I can’t remember 😛

Mobile Application Directory update: MeTeoR added

The mobile music Application directory has been updated with details of the first Multi-track for a hand held MeTeoR

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