iPhone Garageband conversations

I found this post on theappleblog.com which seems to have got a number of people interested in Garageband on the iPhone.

I think it is a good concept, but I doubt that Apple would do it without introducing something more interesting to an iPhone GB version.

6th Generation iPods running OSX?

This post on iLounge claims that iPods running OSX could be announced as early as September. I have to say that if they are as limited in terms of their scope as the iPhone, I don’t think their going to do much for me!

DS Emulator for Palm not so likely it seems

It seems now that this forum thread about the GBA / DS emulator for Palm may not get to the DS part for some time after all. A bit of a shame, but you never know, it still may deliver in the end.

Kinetica Soundwaves Closing Event

A bit late to go along, but I thought it worth noting that the Soundwaves exhibition / festival has had a closing party tonight. I would have like to go, but couldn’t make it tonight. I would expecially have liked to have seen the ZX Spectrum Orchestra.

Soundwaves Closing Event, Friday June 29th, 6pm-11pm

To celebrate the success of Soundwaves we are organising a special closing event this Friday. The event will feature final performances by Soundwaves artists, and a programme of live acts and visually-motivated music from the Noise of Art.

There will also be a beer terrace, and it’ll be your last chance to smoke in Old Spitalfields Market (a covered public area).

Level One: Live acts
George Demure – the velvet voice of London’s electro scene
Anarchist Wood – feisty new punk cabaret band
ZX Spectrum Orchestra – experimental pop/electronica using no more than Sinclair hardware and peripheral devices
Devil Fish – north/south London duo peddling acidic electro-breaks

Level Two: DJ vs VJs
Screenings of audiovisual works including Barbican Centre commissions by Tal Rosner (‘Stravinsky Concerto for Two Pianos’ & ‘Doppelganger’) and Sophie Clement (‘Bicycle Samba’)
+ Ben Osborne and Elliot Adams (CD Baby) DJ to an eclectic electronic mash up of visuals courtesy of Funk Cutter and Hybreed.

DS Emulator for Palm?

This forum thread on 1src hints that there may well be GBA / Nintendo DS emulator in the pipeline (although a later post suggests that the DS 3-d hardware emulation will be more of a long term goal). Even so, I would love to see Electroplankton running on a Palm!

iPhone day!

Fair enough, the big day arrives, in the US at any rate. Let’s see how things progress and what the consumers say about iPhone.

iPhone -1

The hype is amazing. I hope it lives up to it all. I dare say that the media attention will continue for a few weeks at least.

Processing Beta 1.0

I’ve downloaded the Processing Beta 1.0 and have just started playing with it. I hope to be able to make some simple applications and get them running in the IBM Java Websphere Micro Environment on my Treo. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I like the look of Saguaro, but I wonder what (if anything) it will bring for mobile music. I think it would be great if it had some sort of music widget apps you could run, or if you could window current palm applications.

Saguaro has been releasing beta versions with limited functionality, but they are very heavy on memory. No idea of when a final version will be released though?

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Pocket PC and UMPC all in one!

This is an interesting story from Brighthand about a new HTC device that will run MS Vista and Windows Mobile 6. It has to be said that it is a very high end device, but something like that could be a mobile musician’s dream. I think?

I think I’ll have to keep an eye on this.

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